Characteristics and Facts

The bichon frise stands out as an excellent companion dog. For its measures, it is considered a small breed that reaches its maximum size from the first year of life.

Growth stages:

– Puppy: up to 18 months
– Adult: from 18 months to 7 years old
– Senior: from 7 years old

The structure of their body is proportional, and their measures should be visually balanced, showing a straight posture with a forward gaze.


A) The length from the beginning of the chest to the end of the rump is ¼ longer than the height from the withers to the ground.

B) The height from the withers to the lowest point of the chest is half the height of the withers to the ground.

BICHON FRISE DOGS sizes proportion breed white dogs


  • Height: 13″ – 16″
  • Height at withers: 9.5″ – 11.5″
  • Length: 18″ – 22″
  • Weight: 12 – 18 pounds

Other measures of our Bichon Frise:

  • Head circumference: 12″ – 13″
  • Neck circumference: 9.8″ – 11″
  • Chest circumference: 15.3″ – 15.7″
  • Waist circumference: 13″ – 15.5″
  • Front thigh circumference: 4.7″ – 5.5″
  • Back thigh circumference: 6.1″ – 7.1″
  • Tail length: 6.3″ – 6.7″
bichonfrisesizes proportion white dog

The bichon frise is white, and some can reach a light cream. When dogs are puppies, their ears are usually a little darker than their bodies, but as adults, everything should be the same tone.

The skin color is pink, and some bichon frise has dark spots like skin moles.

Their fur is curly, soft, and dense, all at the same time, like the texture of plush, and characterized by having a double hypoallergenic coat. Its cut is curved, and its tail is long, curved, and upwards, falling in the shape of a plume towards its back.

Their head stands out for a rounded cut, like a snowflake, and their ears are downward. They have round dark brown or black eyes, and their nose and lips are black, forming a visual triangle on their face.

bichon frise face size proportion

The bichon frise can live up to 15 years old depending on a good diet and constant exercise.

A curious fact is that for those who wonder how many years this is equivalent in human life, studies showed that one human year is seven dog years, then it would be 15×7=105 years old.

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