Bichon Frise Personality

Every dog has a unique and different personality, which is developed through breeding and genetics, making each one special.

This dog loves to play and be part of adventures. A curious fact is that the Bichon Frise is a dog companion and likes to be with people and other animals. One thing to consider is that this dog breed cannot stand to be alone for long periods.

three bichon frise dog white fuffly dog in the street

Some features:

– Active: This is a small dog with a solid structure, which allows it to perform different exercises, but not in excess. It is always wishful to accompany its owners wherever they go. 

– Adaptable: Can live in houses or apartments because its size does not require so much space, allowing it to adapt to any place without problems.

– Cheerful: This is one of its best characteristics. The Bichon has different ways to express and share its joy, and it can be through its games or pirouettes, which always make people smile.

– Affectionate: Bichon Frise love to give kisses and licks, and it usually rests its head or paws on its owners as a sign of affection.

– Companions: It likes to feel part of the herd and is willing to help in whatever is needed. Enjoy taking care of others and is constantly alert if someone is in danger. 

– Curious: By nature, it is not a great hunter or digger, but it always tries to find the answers to its curiosities and likes to be challenged with stimulating games that awake its senses.

– Conceited: Tends pampered with closest people, and as a sign of trust, it lies on its back, showing its belly for caress. These dogs love cuddles, hugs, and kisses.

– Expressive: It can show emotions through body language, making communication easier between the owner and their pet.

– Intelligent: Another of its most outstanding characteristics. The Bichon Frise learns quickly and is very skilled. This dog loves intelligence games and enjoys solving problems to win a prize. 

– Playful: Likes to start the play by running around its owner or other pet, wagging its tails in a very effusive way. One of its favorite games is the chase game, from where it runs to get chased.

– Loyal: Is very faithful and protective, and its priority is the welfare of its owners and its herd. In any strange or dangerous situation, it will look for a way to defend others.

 Social: Is social by nature, love to have a lot of friends and go for a walk in the street. It gets along very well with other pets and is excellent with children. 

– Lively: Enthusiastic and full of vitality, can show it through its brightening eyes. It stands out for its positive attitude and is always willing to do an activity with others.


The Bichon Frise tends to get along very well with different animals and is great with kids; the only thing to consider is to be careful with young children that cannot measure their strength yet, the Bichon is not a delicate dog but can be hurt if not treated gently.

This dog breed does not require too much exercise, and just one hour a day could be enough to cover its basic needs and keep it in good physical condition.

Every pet learns through dedication and patience, so spending quality time is vital for teaching it how to socialize with other dogs; otherwise, it could develop anxiety, impatience, aggressiveness, or shyness.

Personality of our Bichon Frise and Poodle:

  • Nico: Singer, playful, conceited, distracted, friendly, cheerful, crowd, and companion.
  • Duque: Cautious, good-natured, gentle, playful, reserved, noble, and sensitive.
  • Molly: Polite, kind, friendly, leader, selective, calm, loyal, and independent.
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